Parallel testing with Selenium Grid (using C# unit tests)

Following AutomatedTesters response: Is there any way to run parrallel tests with C# code, without using class libraries other than the Selenium Core?

I have the following setup:

Selenium Grid Hub: Selenium RC 1 : Selenium RC 2 :

Both remote controls are running *firefox. If only 1 of the remote controls is running, when I send a test to the hub it loads and runs fine. However if BOTH remote controls are running - the test only runs on one of them.

I was expecting that this:-

selenium = new DefaultSelenium("", 4444, "*firefox", "");
// rest of test follows...

would fire up BOTH remote controls at the same time?

Any ideas why this isn't happening?

Many thanks!


Unfortunately doing that will never have 2 Selenium instances running. Each Selenium object will control a browser and each browser will be started from 1 RC connected to an RC.

If you want to have it running multiple browsers in parallel you will need to run your tests with something like PNunit or MBunits Parallelizable.

I've been having a look around and I think the answer for me is Gallio and it's test runners

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