Deploy a .exe and dependent .dll

I have console project. It is developed in VS2010. It uses connector.

When I was developing in my machine, Every thing worked fine.

I copied the .exe to my friends laptop and tried to run it, but I got an error telling that not found.

I copied all the dlls in to the project folder. Everything worked fine.

Is there any way I can can build the .exe in such a way that I dont have to copy the to the other machine.

"Building .exe with all dependencies." Is that possible?

Please let me know.


You can create a Setup Project to add to your Solution.

This will create an installable application (.msi) with all the included dependencies of your project.

I think what you are looking for is a multimodule assembly (netmodules):

Also, check this link:

It explains how to use ilmerge to accomplish this.

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