Is there a way to turn on tracing in perl (equivalent to bash -x)?

I have a system script in perl. I need some equivalent of bash -x to determine what is going wrong with the script. Is there something equivalent?

EDIT: What bash -x does is that it prints each line as it is evaluated. This makes debugging code that is just missing some path variable or file very easy.


Take a look at Devel::Trace or Devel::ebug.

Given this program named


use strict;
use warnings;

my $answer = 42;

if ($answer == 6 * 9) {
    print "everything is running fine.\n";
} else {
    warn "there must be a bug somewhere...\n";

You can use Devel::Trace to watch the execution:

perl -d:Trace

Which produces the following output:

>> my $answer = 42;
>> if ($answer == 6 * 9) {
>>     warn "there must be a bug somewhere...\n";
there must be a bug somewhere...

The Devel::DumpTrace module has been available since 2011.

Sample usage:

$ cat
# a demonstration of Devel::DumpTrace
$a = 1;
$b = 3;
$c = 2 * $a + 7 * $b;
@d = ($a, $b, $c + $b);

$ perl -d:DumpTrace
>>>>>        $a:1 = 1;
>>>>>        $b:3 = 3;
>>>>>        $c:23 = 2 * $a:1 + 7 * $b:3;
>>>>>        @d:(1,3,26) = ($a:1, $b:3, $c:23 + $b:3);

You should look at "perl -d" (turn on debugger) or "perl -c" (check your script before executing

Always include these statements in your perl scripts:

use strict;
use warnings;

If you want to debug it, use the -d switch. And here are the commands:

Hope that helps.

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