Permissions on solution files to modify

I have project solutions developed in VS2005. It is bound to TFS (Team Foundation Server). I want to convert the solution to VS2008 version, keeping the binding as is, however I am getting an error while converting.

Error message:

Solution file "C:\abc\abc.sln" cannot be converted because it cannot be modified. To convert the solution, change the permissions on the solution file to allow modification and reopen it"

What permissions do I need on this?


Make sure the sln solution file is not marked as read only.

If I correctly interpret your question, you should check if your current Windows account has the NTFS (file system) permission to modify the solution file (.sln). Check the security settings in Windows Explorer right clicking on that file to ensure that you have write access to it.

I would also check if the file is not write protected (checkbox on file properties in Windows Explorer).

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