How can I add repeated values to an array in Perl?

I have an array @genotypes = "TT AG TT AG...." and want to add a spike to it (e.g. 20 x TT) to make a new array.

I can obviously push "TT" into the array 20 times - but is there a simpler way of doing this? (ie. not @newarray = push @genotypes ("TT", "TT", "TT",......20 times!);


@newlist = (@genotypes, ('TT') x 20);

Yes, it is an x.

See Multiplicative Operators in perldoc perlop.

The repetition operator is the most obvious way. You could also use map:

@newarray = (@genotypes, map 'TT', 1..20);

There's also the foreach way of pushing multiple identical values to an array:

push @newarray, 'TT' foreach (1..20);

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