how to list files which are deleted in depot but opened in edit locally?

I am using p4 in linux. I was doing some changes to a file which was opened under edit in my local. When i tried submitting it, i found that the file has been deleted from the depot.

Is there some command in perforce which i can run and check if a file opened under edit in local has been deleted in the depot? Even some fancy one-liner would do.

Please note i am using an old version of perforce, so all the new fancy commands might not be available to me.

Thanks in advance.


Run p4 fstat my-file.

If it says headAction delete, then the file is currently deleted in the depot.

If it says action edit, then you have the file open for edit.

This worked for me, hope it would be helpful for others

    ( find . -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0 | xargs -0 p4 fstat > /dev/null ) | & awk '{print $1}'

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