Chef + InSpec using only_if for users

I need to go through a list of users and determine whether they are in a locked state, I can do this just fine but my issue is that I don't know how inspec will let me ignore users on my list that don't exist on the operating system. I've tried a few different methods using only_if (including below) with no luck.

Here is my code below:

system_accounts = [

system_accounts.each do |name|
  only_if command("getent passwd #{name}") do
   describe command("passwd -S #{name}").stdout.split[1] do
     it { should match /LK|NP|NL/ }


You can only use only_if and similar APIs from inside a control block. You would probably want to use the user InSpec resource for this in the first place but also check out the users API.

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