Jmeter and Graphs Generator

I read (maybe not so carefully) the following link and link but despite my efforts, i can't succeed to generate my graphs. (windows or mac). I do have two scripts (as advised by Vincent DABURON). Sorry but i have a french version of Jmeter, i can switch to an english one if needed.

Preliminaries :

  • /bin/ has been updated.
  • jmeter version is 3.0 r1743807

1. FIRST SCRIPT : Measuring simple HTTP request

a. First one contains credentials to be given to IP, IP adress to test and a pause.

b. It is executed in non_gui mode with

jmeter -t myscript.jmx -n -l f:\data\jmeter\test-results.csv -JTEST_RESULTS_FILE=f:\data\jmeter\test-results.csv

c. I do have a csv file populated with the following (extract)

timeStamp;elapsed;label;responseCode;threadName;success;bytes;grpThreads;allThreads;Latency;SampleCount;ErrorCount;Hostname;IdleTime 10:24:10;302;;200;Groupe d'unités 1-1;true;266;1;1;302;1;0;MYPC;0 10:24:11;182;;200;Groupe d'unités 1-1;true;266;1;1;181;1;0;MYPC;0 10:24:12;153;;200;Groupe d'unités 1-1;true;266;1;1;153;1;0;MYPC;0 10:24:13;198;;200;Groupe d'unités 1-1;true;266;1;1;198;1;0;MYPC;0

2. SECOND SCRIPT : Generate graphs ( Saved in bin folder as jpgx.jmx )

a. directly under test plan, i have created a jp@gc - Graphs Generator.

- JMeter Results File : **${__P(TEST_RESULTS_FILE,f:\\data\\jmeter\\test-results.csv)}**

- filePrefix :  PREFIX_

b. Running in console

jmeter -t jpgc.jmx -n

c. I don't have any images at all.

May someone guide me on what's wrong with it ?

Kind regards,



I have switch to a more recent technology ( JMeter / Influxdb / Grafana ) as perfectly described in this link. Regards, Pierre

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