error : unable to resolve class reference org/openqa/selenium/WebDriver

I've this code

When I execute this code in my IDE (eclipse). My browser open a window with google.

But if I execute this code in cmd or in Jenkins, I've this error :

[[TestNGClassFinder]] Unable to read methods on class demo.DemoJenkins - unable
to resolve class reference org/openqa/selenium/WebDriver

I followed this tuto and I did everything like him, but when I would like to open a browser with this code with Jenkins or cmd. I've a error.

I use Selenium webdriver, TestNG, Java for writing code. if anyone can help me, thanks a lot !


you have to add the selenium-api.jar to your classpath,

How do you run your test via Jenkins?

Try to create a maven project and run it via it. It will be easier to maintain and use if you want to use your project longer.

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