Get the last instance of a pattern

I need help in a regular expression that will get the last instance of a pattern in a single line.

The lines in question are written in the following pattern (separated by slashes):


In the example above, I am expecting to get looks as the output.

Note that the lines are not uniform and can contain less or more strings than the example.


For the above lines, I expect to get shorter and lines respectively.



is the regex you need.


/      # Match a slash
(      # Start capturing group number 1
 [^/]* # Match any number of characters except slashes
)      # End capturing group number 1
/      # Match a slash
$      # Match the position at the end of the string

Test it live on

If you use Powershell, you can write something like this:


If you are sure there is always a trailing slash, you can skip the trim step with:


You can use \w+(?=/$), this will match the last name in each line


\w+ any set of 'word characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _.

(?=/$) positive lookahead for '/' followed by the end of the string.

Abstracted pattern: ( This works for a space, you can replace the first 'literal character' with anything you'd like )


(\ .[^\ ]+)(?=$)


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