ADLDAP2 for Laravel 5.2 - Binding user to model

This is my first time using ADLDAP & I've only done some Laravel work, so I'm getting confused.

The notes in the config file say this:

| Bind User to Model
| The bind user to model option allows you to access the Adldap user model
| instance on your laravel database model to be able run operations
| or retrieve extra attributes on the Adldap user model instance.
| If this option is true, you must insert the trait:
|   `Adldap\Laravel\Traits\AdldapUserModelTrait`
| Onto your User model configured in `config/auth.php`.
| Then use `Auth::user()->adldapUser` to access.
| This option must be true or false.

My question is where/how do I add the Adldap\Laravel\Traits\AdldapUserModelTrait trait in the config/auth.php file?


You don't use it inside your auth configuration file. But you import it in your user model. So

use Adldap\Laravel\Traits\AdldapUserModelTrait;

class User extends Authenticatable {
    use AdldapUserModelTrait;

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