Read the users phonenumber in a browser

I've made a mobile page where the visitors of my site can leave their phonenumber, wich is send to me by mail so I can act on that; so far no problem. My experience is, that visitors often don't bother to type their number or do not know their number.

Is it possible to read the device's phonenumber and put it in a textbox, so all the visitor has to do, is to press "call me" and the number is send to me by mail?

An alternative could be, to send a pre-defined message (defined in the internet page on my site) as a text message from/via the browser of the visitor via his text app.

Can anyone put me on the right track? btw I live in the Netherlands.


No, as far as I know, there's no way for you to get the devices phone number from the web browser.

I do not believe you can read a phone number through the browser. However, you can make it easier for users to enter there phone number by using <input type="tel"> which makes the keyboard look like this on devices:

If you have the user choose their carrier (in a <select> box), you can easily use email to send a text message to their device:

  • AT&T:
  • Verizon:

etc.. I do not know the carriers in the Netherlands, but it should function pretty much the same.

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