Streamed transfer + netTcpBinding = framing mode not supported?

Can anybody explain what this error means:

The .Net Framing mode being used is not supported by blah blah yadda

I can't find any info worthwhile. The exception says to check the server logs, however I can't find anything in them relating to this error. I don't know what the hell a "framing mode" is, otherwise I'd try different framing modes.

What I'm trying to do is to create a TCP WCF endpoint to send a Stream to the client.

Here's the interface (prototyping):

public interface IXpsService
    Stream GetCurrentDocument();


One of the ways this error occurs is if there is a mismatch in the configuration of the client and the server.

The default is buffered, if one is set to streaming, when they try to talk to each other you get a framing error.

It thinks that each batch of data that the buffered tries to send over is a frame.

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