Qt Execute external program

I want to start an external program out of my QT-Programm. The only working solution was:

system("start explorer.exe");

But it is only working for windows and starts a command line for a moment.

Next thing I tried was:

QProcess process;
QString file = QDir::homepath + "file.exe";
//process.execute(file); //i tried as well

But nothing happened. Any ideas?


If your process object is a variable on the stack (e.g. in a method), the code wouldn't work as expected because the process you've already started will be killed in the destructor of QProcess, when the method finishes.

void MyClass::myMethod()
    QProcess process;
    QString file = QDir::homepath + "file.exe";

You should instead allocate the QProcess object on the heap like that:

QProcess *process = new QProcess(this);
QString file = QDir::homepath + "/file.exe";

If you want your program to wait while the process is executing, you can use


instead of

QProcess process;

QDir::homePath doesn't end with separator. Valid path to your exe

QString file = QDir::homePath + QDir::separator + "file.exe";

Just use QProcess::startDetached; it's static and you don't need to worry about waiting for it to finish or allocating things on the heap or anything like that:

QProcess::startDetached(QDir::homepath + "/file.exe");

It's the detached counterpart to QProcess::execute.

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