In Perl, how can I join elements of an array after enclosing each element in brackets?

I was trying to join elements of a Perl array.


will give me


Is there anyway I can quickly get




Another way to do it, using sprintf.

my $str = sprintf '[%s]' x @array, @array;

Here are two options:


use strict;
use warnings;

my @array = 'a' .. 'e';
my $string = join('', map { "[$_]" } @array);
my $string1 = '[' . join('][', @array) . ']';


  local $" = "][";
  my @array = qw/a b c d e/;
  print "[@array]";

Although you should probably just:

print "[" . join("][", @array) . "]";

Happy coding :-)

use strict; use warnings;

local $" = '';
my $x = qq|@{[ map "[$_]", qw(a b c d e) ]}|;

You can also generalize a little:

use strict; use warnings;

my @array = 'a' .. 'e';

print decorate_join(make_decorator('[', ']'), \@array), "\n";

sub decorate_join {
    my ($decorator, $array) = @_;
    return join '' => map $decorator->($_), @$array;

sub make_decorator {
    my ($left, $right) = @_;
    return sub { sprintf "%s%s%s", $left, $_[0], $right };

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