How to mark something in Qt as obsolete(deprecated)?

Is there Q_OBSOLETE or Q_DEPRECATED in C++ with Qt 4.7?

Or is there a similar C++ macro or keyword?


By "deprecated constructs", you really mean "deprecated member functions". You're asking for a compile-time warning to draw your attention to the call site of any deprecated function.

This isn't possible in any reasonable way in standard C++, and I don't see any attributes in G++ that would support this either. Qt can't really add a feature like that if the compiler doesn't have some support for it already.

However, Microsoft Visual C++ supports an __declspec(deprecated) extension, and I would imagine it's possible to write a compiler plugin for G++ 4.5 that adds a similar feature.

If you use Q_DECL_DEPRECATED you should get the outcome you are looking for e.g.:


  1. Pull the real function out of public scope.
  2. Create another function with the same name in public scope.
  3. Insert your warning/fail code in that function.
  4. Call the original with the new.

Just use the



although is not C++ standard is quite unlikely you will encounter a compiler that does not support it (see this SO question).

You might want to do something similiar yourself:

#define Q_OBSOLETE(X) \
        BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT(false); \

#define Q_OBSOLETE(X) X

This construction simply substitutes some deprecated code / part of code if there is no Q_TREAT_OBSOLETE_AS_ERRORS defined and generates compilation-time error otherwise.

Note that BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT has no scope limitations, so does the Q_OBSOLETE macro.

Probably this is not the best way to solve your problem and actually I'm not sure this is useful.

You might just mark the code as @obsolete or simply point it out in the comments.

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