Qt/C++: Signal for when a QListWidgetItem is checked?

In my form I have a QListWidget which contains checkable QListWidgetItems. I'm looking for a way to capture the event of a QListWidgetItem being checked/unchecked. I don't see any such signal existing for this but maybe I'm wrong. What I'm currently doing is using the QListWidget::itemClicked() signal and checking the checkState of the QListWidgetItem, but this isn't what I want because this event happens any time the item is clicked, not just went the checkmark is toggled. Can anyone give some assistance? Thanks!


Apparently no such signal is provided, your best bet is to use QListWidget::itemChanged(QListWidgetItem* item) , and scan the resulting item->checkState(). This should be a slight improvement over using itemClicked

An extra option is to use your own QAbstractListModel with a QListView. At first this does add some extra code as you need to add your own management code . But you do get a lower level access. Basically because the QListView will ask your model what to do. It will also relay input back to your listmodel where you can hook into it.

Alternatively you could subclass QStandardItemModel and catch certain edits related to changing the checkbox.

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