Getting Facebook Post all Reactions Count in single Graph API request

As Facebook released the new reaction{NONE, LIKE, LOVE, WOW, HAHA, SAD, ANGRY} feature for post, but I can not figure out to get all reaction counts in single graph API request.

Has anyone figured out a way to get this detailed reactions per post in single request?


The approach introduced by @CBroe appears to be working using Multiple ID Read Requests.


Screenshot from Facebook Graph API Explorer:

Once a collection of posts is retrieved, one should be able to read reaction counts grouped by type using a single request. Note, the current limit of ids in the Multiple ID Read Request pattern is 50.

Theoretically possible using Field Expansion in combination with Field Aliases, like this:


But there still seem to be some bugs in that regard; I frequently got “An unknown error has occurred” while testing this; f.e. replacing the limit value for LIKE with 1 in the above query triggers it …

Simply use the following as part of your graph query


So I'll be getting Post ID, Created time, Story, Message, Share Count, reaction count (currently 6 reaction) using only 1 query. It works with APi v2.9 as well

If you have read_insights permission, you could get reactions in following way for feed or a post


and you would get results like:

        "name": "post_reactions_by_type_total",
        "period": "lifetime",
        "values": [
            "value": {
              "like": 10,
              "love": 2,
              "wow": 3,
              "haha": 1,
              "sorry": 1,
              "anger": 2

I found a way to achieve this with 1 request:

GET /{userId}?fields={reactions.type(LIKE).limit(0).summary(true)},{reactions.type(LOVE).limit(0).summary(true)},{reactions.type(WOW).limit(0).summary(true)},{reactions.type(HAHA).limit(0).summary(true)},{reactions.type(SAD).limit(0).summary(true)},{reactions.type(ANGRY).limit(0).summary(true)},{reactions.type(THANKFUL).limit(0).summary(true)}

This way you will receive 7 lists of posts (one per each reaction). Example:

  "like": {
    "data": [<list of posts>]
  "love": {
    "data": [<list of posts>]
  "wow": {
    "data": [<list of posts>]
  "haha": {
    "data": [<list of posts>]
  "sad": {
    "data": [<list of posts>]
  "angry": {
    "data": [<list of posts>]
  "thankful": {
    "data": [<list of posts>]
  "paging": {
    "previous": "...",
    "next": "..."
  "id": "<userId>"

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