How to add an image on the top of another image?

I want to show difference between a trimed clip and non trimed clip in my video editor application, i.e. I want to add a small film image on my thumbnail for a trimed clip. How can I do this?

It would be just to show the difference between an image and a video in our gallery application.

How to add an image on the top of another one in Qt?


Open the QPainter on the bottom image and draw the top image using its drawPixmap()/drawImage() methods.

QPixmap base, overlay; // come from your code
    QPainter painter(base);
    painter.drawPixmap(100, 100, overlay);

If your overlay contains an alpha channel (e.g. fancy PNG icon) and your base image does not, you should create a new QPixmap with an alpha channel and draw both images into it:

QPixmap base, overlay; // come from your code
QPixmap result(base.width(), base.height());
result.fill(Qt::transparent); // force alpha channel
    QPainter painter(&result);
    painter.drawPixmap(0, 0, base);
    painter.drawPixmap(100, 100, overlay);

QPixmaps and QImages can be used interchangeably, although not all combinations give good performance).

If it's just about showing an image above another, then you could also go with this answer.

QGridLayout *layout = new QGridLayout(widget);
Pixmap base, overlay;
QLabel *background = new Label();
QLabel *lOverlay = new QLabel();

//label gets positioned above textBrowser and is an overlay
layout->addWidget(background, 0, 0, Qt::AlignLeft | Qt::AlignTop);
layout->addWidget(lOverlay, 0, 0, Qt::AlignRight | Qt::AlignBottom); 

Of course then the QPixbuf of the background doesn't contain the QPixbuf of the overlay-image, but it only appears to do.

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