How could Qt apply style from an external Qt Stylesheet file?

I would like the users to be able to customize the default look of our applications by simply loading their OWN Qt Style-sheet files. How do we accomplish that? Can anybody give me a head start?


Say the user have its stylesheet named stylesheet.qss and is located in the application folder.

You could load the style sheet when starting the application, using the -stylesheet argument :

myapp->stylesheet = stylesheet.qss;

But this require your user to know how to start an application with arguments.

What you could also do is to add a settings dialog in your app, where the user can choose a stylesheet path.

You can then open this file, load the content, and set it to your application with QApplication::setStyleSheet() :

 QFile File("stylesheet.qss");;
 QString StyleSheet = QLatin1String(File.readAll());


Qt is providing an example online which might be helpful.

You just set the style sheet for the entire application based on configuration provided by the customer.

You could set/get this configuration from any number of places, a properties dialog in the application is probably the most natural approach.

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