Can I get the number of Facebook Likes a page that is not on my domain received?

Is it possible to get the number of Facebook Likes made on any url, even if I don't own that url's domain?


Yes, you can query specific URLs:

But ofcourse you can sir:

Page likes

If it's a page you're wanting the amount of likes of, try such a thing as this:[Page name or ID here without the brackets]?fields=likes



    "likes": 90064323,
    "id": "20531316728"

Specific URL likes

If it's a specific URL you want to get the likes of, try Facebook's FQL. You can query the Facebook databases this way and get some info on URL's, here's an Example: like_count from link_stat where url=''&format=json



The format in which this is returned can either be XML or JSON, where XML is the default. You can chance the format by adding the


at the end.

There are multiple fields and tables that can be queried from, you can see all that good stuff in the sources.

Hope this helped some people, cause I was searching quite abit for it.

Have a nice day.

Sources: Graph API: FQL:

You can always try by searching the social graph. For example, the Apple's Facebook page has about 162K likes

But if you try to get the "likes" number directly, you don't get anything.

Here is the link to the documentation. You might try use the "search" URL.

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