How to configure Atom to run Python3 scripts?

In my terminal, I type $ which python3, outputting


I would like to configure Atom to run Python3 scripts. In my Atom Config, I have

python: "/opt/local/bin/python3"

However, if I run the following script in some script named,

import sys

I get the following output:

2.7.11 (default, Feb 18 2016, 22:00:44) 
[GCC 4.2.1 Compatible Apple LLVM 7.0.2 (clang-700.1.81)]

How exactly does one set up the PATH for Python3.x scripts to run correctly? Is there a different package I could use?


If you are using Mac OS X, use the directory on the terminal to open the file.

Select the file python3, right click and select "get info". Select the directory from "Where:" and past it in Atom.

As Terry told you:

Then type python3 to the Command space.

It should work, Nahuel :)

Go to the Atom's menu bar -> Packages -> Script -> Configure Script (Or, you can use the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+Alt+O)

Then type python3 to the Command space. Hopefully, it will work.

Best, Terry

Install atom-runner in your Atom going into your settings of Atom and then inside Package and search for atom-runner and install it.

Now click on settings tab for atom-runner as shown above on picture. Then click on View Code as shown in below picture.

Then go to lib folder and open and replace the following section of code:

coffee: 'coffee'
js: 'node'
ruby: 'ruby'
python: 'python3'
go: 'go run'
shell: 'bash'
powershell: 'powershell -noninteractive -noprofile -c -'

Make sure that for python keyword value is python3, by default it is python. Refer to the pic below:

Other way is to find the location of python3 using command

which python3

for me output is :


and add as a shebang in your every python file. For example:-

import sys
print("Version ",sys.version)

Only catch is that you have to write this in each file.

i am using "script" package (3.18.1 by rgbkrk) to run code inside atom and this is how i fixed it

  1. open package settings -> view code
  2. open lib -> grammars ->
  3. change from python to python3 in those two places 'Selection Based' and 'File Based'

You can use the Atom package atom-python-run to launch python code from Atom, the python version can be configured in the package settings. By default atom-python-run uses the syntax python {file}. If the python command on your system is not yet pointing to python3, just replace the setting and write python3 {file}.

You are probably using atom-python-run package to run Python directly from Atom. If Python2 is the default version of Python in your system, then Atom will try to run your Python code with Python2 interpreter. All you have to do is to change some settings in atom-python-run package to tell it that we want to use Python3. The process is simple. Go to settings>>Packages, click the settings button on atom-python-run package and in the fields of F5 and F6 command, exchange python with python3. That's it. Now you can run your Python3 script by pressing F5 or F6 button.

If you are using Atom on Mac OS and have script 3.18.1 and atom-python-run 0.9.7 packages installed, the following steps will help you out.

Script-> Configure Script

Then type in Python3 in the command field in the options dialog.

This should solve your problem.

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