Get title of current figure in MATLAB?

I have a figure opened with a certain title. How do I get the title string?

I have tried get(gcf) but I don't know how to navigate to the title.

I want to get the title of many figures, add some more characters to the string and write it back.



%get the title
t=get(h,'String') %t is now 'Sin(x)'

%new title
new_t=strcat(t,' Sine function')

Given a handle to a figure window, this shows how you can "get" and "set" the "title" of the figure.

Run the following lines of code and see for yourself. I used Matlab 2016a.

Here is a summary:

h = figure;
h.Children.Title.String = 'Your desired title';
disp(['Current Figure Title: ', h.Children.Title.String]);

Create a demo figure with title: 'Test Title-1'

h = figure;
title('Test Title-1');

Access the figure title through the handle: h

figTitle = h.Children.Title.String; 
disp(['Current Figure Title: ',figTitle]);

Change the figure title to something new: 'Test Title-2'

h.Children.Title.String = 'Test Title-2'; 
disp(['New Figure Title:',h.Children.Title.String]); 

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