NodeMailer Invalid Login

I am new to node.js programming .I am using nodemailer module for sending emails.

const nodemailer = require ('nodemailer'),
var mailTransport=nodemailer.createTransport({
    auth: {
        user :,
        pass :,
function sendMail(mail_id){
        from: ' "my name" <>',
        to : mail_id,   //
        subject : 'Hello',
        text: "Hello How do u do ?",
            console.log('Unable to send the mail :'+err.message);
            console.log('Message response : '+info.response);

This is my program for sending emails to different users. But I am getting Invalid Login . I don't have any idea why this is coming . I am new to node.js and server side scripting. I am using my gmail username and password for credentials. Please help me.


Did you double-check your login credentials? Also did you double-check your "from" adress to match your email?

I used the nodemailer for some tests 3 weeks ago with the gmail example given on the github page and it worked like a charm:

Invalid login indicates mistyped/wrong credentials.

One reason could be the 'modern security standard' protection from Gmail.

Check you gmail inbox for any new mail having subject "Google Account: sign-in attempt blocked"

If yes, open the mail and click on the link

set 'Access for less secure apps' to 'Turn on'. Try again, it should be working now.

U need to Enable Security for Apps :

|*| If u r using gmail,

Use :

    service: 'gmail',

Goto :

Enable : 

    Allow less secure apps: ON

|*| If u r using yahoo,

Use :

    service: 'yahoo',

Goto :

Enable : 

    Allow apps that use less secure sign in

|*| If u r using Live or Hotmail, No need to enable anything.

Use :

    service: 'hotmail',

Particularly 2 issues: or you don't have enabled Less Secure Apps or you don't have enabled Display Unlock Captcha, you need to turn on both of them.

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