How can i downgrade my ionic cli to the previous version, I had?

The recent version is 3.2.0 and i'm facing lot's of issues with it like the ionic serve command not working.


npm install -g ionic@version_number

ex: if you want to install ionic 2.5.0,

npm install -g ionic@2.5.0

edit: to list all versions of ionic, npm info ionic

You can downgrade to your old version by running below command:

npm install -g ionic@3.9.2

Get your version here


You may try uninstalling it first: npm uninstall -g ionic then install it again with the version that you want to install npm install -g ionic@x.x.x

then check ionic version with ionic --version you may need to restart your terminal to get the latest version running

You just need to do like this:

npm install -g ionic@3.1.0


First thing first, uninstall the current version:

    npm uninstall -g ionic

then, install the version you want :

   npm install -g ionic@"the version for example @3.20.0"

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