Jupyter-like docstring view in Atom.io

This question has to do with getting Jupyter Notebook docstring functionality to work in Atom. I appreciate any and all advisement.

In the Jupyter Notebook you are able to access the docstring via shift-tab and expand and scroll through the docstring as well as select and copy-paste from it into the cells.

In the Atom Editor running the IPykernel I can see part of the docstring via autocomplete-python package, but I am unable to scroll through the docstring's full length, nor am I able to select from it for copy-pasting.

I cannot find a hotkey to make Atom open a browsable and selectable docstring as in Jupyter Notebook. Anybody have any ideas?

My keycap.cson file contains the following:

 'atom-text-editor': 'enter':
         'editor:newline' 'shift-tab': 'language-python: toggle-all-docstrings' 

But this does nothing....


I added the bounty but I actually managed to figure out the answer.

1) Download a package called hydrogen from the packages in atom. 2) Go to your .py file in atom and hold ctrl-shift-p. A search bar will pop up 3) type hydrogen: toggle inspector and a window will pop at the bottom 4) go to the variable where you want to view the strings and simply press alt-i. That is the equivalent of tab in the Jupiter notebook

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