What is "Developer Program Member" on Github.com

I have seen couple of Github profiles having "Developer Program Member". I searched on Google a lot but not able to find how people get that in their profile.


This is for developers registered to the GitHub Developer Program (like this GitHub profile, for instance)

Membership is open to individual developers and companies who have:

  • A paid GitHub.com personal or organization plan
  • An integration in production or development using the GitHub API
  • An email address where GitHub users can contact you for support

That allows for:

Staying in the know:

Be the first to know about API changes and try out new features before they launch.

Scratching an itch

Build your own tools that seamlessly integrate with the place you push code every day.

Taking on the enterprise

Obtain developer licenses to build and test your application against GitHub Enterprise.

By joining this Developer Program,

1) You'll receive ongoing notifications about changes to Github API.

2) You can request a development license for GitHub Enterprise.

3) You can also submit your work for consideration on the integrations page.

Go to this link: https://developer.github.com/program/

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