Laravel PUT request parameter

When the route is:


Then in controller I get the parameter like this:

   $r->get('param')   // with Request $r

But while the route is of a PUT request type:


That code doesn't work. It doesn't get the value of parameter.


Try setting x-www-form-urlencoded for body in the postman.

Set method to POST and add _method field with PUT value


$api->put('photos', 'App\Api\V1\Controllers\PhotoController@updatePhoto');

Controller code:

public function updatePhoto(Request $request)
    $paramValue = $request->get('param_name');

Working fine for me.

<input type="hidden" name="_method" value="PUT">

Just added an extra field in form. works perfect!

If submitting an API request and you don't want your developers to send a POST request with _method=PUT request variable, see solution here:

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