How to properly add 1 month from now to current date in moment.js

I read the documentation of moment.js that if you want to add 1 month from the current date time you use this code

var moment = require('moment');
var futureMonth = moment().add(1, 'M').format('DD-MM-YYYY');

But the problem right now, it is not properly add the date correctly, for example let say the current date is 31/10/2015, explain in code

var currentDate = moment().format('DD-MM-YYYY');
var futureMonth = moment().add(1, 'M').format('DD-MM-YYYY');

console.log(currentDate) //  Will result --> 31/10/2015
console.log(futureMonth) //  Will result --> 30/11/2015 

if you take a look at the current calendar time, 1 month from 31/10/2015 supposed to be 1/12/2015

Could anyone give me some opinion on how to fix this problem.

Thank you


var currentDate = moment('2015-10-30');
var futureMonth = moment(currentDate).add(1, 'M');
var futureMonthEnd = moment(futureMonth).endOf('month');

if( != && futureMonth.isSame(futureMonthEnd.format('YYYY-MM-DD'))) {
    futureMonth = futureMonth.add(1, 'd');




moment.addRealMonth = function addRealMonth(d) {
  var fm = moment(d).add(1, 'M');
  var fmEnd = moment(fm).endOf('month');
  return != && fm.isSame(fmEnd.format('YYYY-MM-DD')) ? fm.add(1, 'd') : fm;  

var nextMonth = moment.addRealMonth(moment());


According to the latest doc you can do the following-

Add a day

moment().add(1, 'days').calendar();

Add Year

moment().add(1, 'years').calendar();

Add Month

moment().add(1, 'months').calendar();

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