Change p-column width

I'm in a project where I need to use PrimeNG to do tables and I have a problem with defining the width of the first column.

In my HTML code, I have something like:

<p-datatable styleClass="myTable">


And in my CSS, I have something like:

.myTable td:nth-child(1) {

Also, I've tried with the following HTML:

     <p-column styleClass="col1">


And in my CSS:

td.col1 {
    width: 300px;

And I also did inspect the code and saw the class of the row which is tr.ui-widget-content ui-datatable-even and tried the following CSS:

tr.ui-widget-content ui-datatable-even td:nth-child(1) {
    width: 500px !important;

And nothing seems to work.

Can someone tell me if it's possible to define the width of the column and, if so, how can I do that?


You can define the width manually, try this:

<p-column [style]="{'width':'300px'}" </p-column>

If you are working with angular, you can update css file to change PrimeNg styling with following sample code,

:host /deep/ .ui-datatable{
    width: 500px;

For information on Shadow DOM, please refer

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