How to update value of specific embedded document, inside an array, of a specific document in MongoDB?

I have the following structure in my document:

  _id : ObjectId("43jh4j343j4j"), 
  array : [
              _arrayId : ObjectId("dsd87dsa9d87s9d7"),
              someField : "something",
              someField2 : "something2"
              _arrayId : ObjectId("sds9a0d9da0d9sa0"),
              someField : "somethingElse",
              someField2 : "somethingElse2"

I want to update someField and someField2 but only for one of the items in the array, the one that matches _arrayId (e.g. _arrayId : ObjectId("dsd87dsa9d87s9d7"); and only for this document (e.g. _id : ObjectId("43jh4j343j4j") ) and no other.

The arrayIds are not unique to the document that's why I need it to be for a specific document. I could use the $ positional operator if I wanted to update that value within the array for every document it exists in, but that's not what I want.

I am trying to accomplish this in java but a command line solution would work as well.


You could still use $ positional operator to accomplish this. But you need to specify the objectid of the parent doc along with the _arrayid filter. The below command line query works fine{_id:ObjectId("4e719eb07f1d878c5cf7333c"),

Here is RameshVel's solution translated to java:

    DB db = conn.getDB( "yourDB" ); 
    DBCollection coll = db.getCollection( "yourCollection" );

    ObjectId _id = new ObjectId("4e71b07ff391f2b283be2f95");
    ObjectId arrayId = new ObjectId("4e639a918dca838d4575979c");

    BasicDBObject query = new BasicDBObject();
    query.put("_id", _id);
    query.put("array._arrayId", arrayId);

    BasicDBObject data = new BasicDBObject();
    data.put("array.$.someField", "updated");

    BasicDBObject command = new BasicDBObject();
    command.put("$set", data);

    coll.update(query, command);

...and this is how to do it with mongo-driver version >= 3.1 (mine is 3.2.2):

final MongoClient mongoClient = new MongoClient(new MongoClientURI(mongoURIString));
final MongoDatabase blogDatabase = mongoClient.getDatabase("yourDB");
MongoCollection<Document> postsCollection = blogDatabase.getCollection("yourCollection");

ObjectId _id = new ObjectId("4e71b07ff391f2b283be2f95");
ObjectId arrayId = new ObjectId("4e639a918dca838d4575979c");

Bson filter = Filters.and(Filters.eq( "_id", id ), Filters.eq("array._arrayId", arrayId));
Bson setUpdate = Updates.set("array.$.someField", "updated");
postsCollection.updateOne(postFilter, setUpdate);

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