splitting at underscore in python and storing the first value

I have a pandas data frame like df with a column construct_name


and so on. I want to first split all the names at the underscore and store the first element (aaaa,cccc, etc.) as another column name.

Expected output

construct_name  name
aaaa_t1_2       aaaa
cccc_t4_10      bbbb

and so on.

I tried the following df['construct_name'].map(lambda row:row.split("_")) and it gives me a list like


and so on

But when I do

df['construct_name'].map(lambda row:row.split("_"))[0] to get the first element of the list I get an error. Can you suggest a fix. Thanks


Just use the vectorised str method split and use integer indexing on the list to get the first element:

In [228]:

df['first'] = df['construct_name'].str.split('_').str[0]
  construct_name first
0      aaaa_t1_2  aaaa
1     cccc_t4_10  cccc
2      bbbb_g3_3  bbbb

After you do the split, you should get the first element (using [0]). And not after the map.:

In [608]: temp['name'] = temp['construct_name'].map(lambda v: v.split('_')[0])

In [609]: temp
  construct_name  name
0      aaaa_t1_2  aaaa
1     cccc_t4_10  cccc
2      bbbb_g3_3  bbbb

split take an optional argument maxsplit:

>>> construct_name = 'aaaa_t1_2'
>>> name, rest = construct_name.split('_', 1)
>>> name

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