Calling webpacked code from outside (HTML script tag)

Suppose that I have class like this (written in typescript) and I bundle it with webpack into bundle.js.

export class EntryPoint {
    static run() {

In my index.html I will include the bundle, but then I would also like to call that static method.

<script src="build/bundle.js"></script>
    window.onload = function() {;

However, the EntryPoint is undefined in this case. How would I call the bundled javascript from another script then?

Added: Webpack config file.


It seems that you want to expose the webpack bundle as a library. You can configure webpack to expose your library in the global context within a variable of your own, like EntryPoint.

I don't know TypeScript so the example uses plain JavaScript instead. But the important piece here is the webpack configuration file, and specifically the output section:

module.exports = {
  entry: './index.js',
  output: {
    path: './lib',
    filename: 'yourlib.js',
    libraryTarget: 'var',
    library: 'EntryPoint'
module.exports = {
  run: function () {
    console.log('run from library');

Then you will be able to access your library methods like you expect:

<script src="lib/yourlib.js"></script>
  window.onload = function () {;

Check the gist with the actual code.

I managed to get this working without any further webpack.config.js modifications, by simply using the import statement which i called from my main/index.js file:

import EntryPoint from './EntryPoint.js';
window.EntryPoint = EntryPoint;

For reference, here's my weback.config.js file.

Initially I tried accomplishing the same using require, however it assigned the module wrapper to window.EntryPoint as opposed to the actual class.

In my circumstance I was able to call a function from within the bundled JavaScript from another script by writing the function to the window when creating it.

// In the bundled script:
function foo() {
    var modal = document.createElement('div');
// Bind to the window = foo;
// Then, in the other script where I want to reference the bundled function I just call it as a normal function
<button onClick="">Click Me</button>

I wasn't able to use Babel so this worked for me.

I had a similar challenge, I wanted to create a bundle for multiple pages within a journey and wanted each page to have it's own entry point into the code, and without a separate bundle for each page.

Here's my approach, which is very similar to Kurt Williams but from a slightly different angle, also without changing webpack config:


import { getViewData } from './modules/common';
import { VIEW_DATA_API_URL } from './modules/constants';
import { createLandingPage, createAnotherPage } from './modules/components/pageBuilder';

window.landingPageInit = () => {
    getViewData(VIEW_DATA_API_URL).then(viewData => {

window.anotherPageInit = () => {
    getViewData(VIEW_DATA_API_URL).then(viewData => {

// I appreciate the above could be one liners,
// but readable at a glance is important to me

Then an example of how I call these methods at the end of the html page:

<script src="/js/JourneyMaster.js"></script>


namespace mytypescript.Pages {

        export class Manage {

     public Initialise() {
     $("#btnNewActivity").click(() => {


 <input class="button" type="button" id="btnNewActivity" value="Register New Activity" />

 <script type="text/javascript">
    var page = new mytypescript.Pages.Manage();

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