How to decode encrypted wordpress admin password?

I forgot my WordPress admin password, and I see it in the phpMyAdmin file.

But it is in a different form.

How I can decode it to know what my password is?

Is there any tool for decoding passwords?


Help me.


You can't easily decrypt the password from the hash string that you see. You should rather replace the hash string with a new one from a password that you do know.

There's a good howto here:


  1. generate a new hash from a known password using e.g., as described in the above link, or any other product that uses the phpass library,
  2. use your DB interface (e.g. phpMyAdmin) to update the user_pass field with the new hash string.

If you have more users in this WordPress installation, you can also copy the hash string from one user whose password you know, to the other user (admin).

just edit wp_user table with your phpmyadmin, and choose MD5 on Function field then input your new password, save it (go button).

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