Xcode 9 - Simulator: Screenshots taken are not of correct resolution for ItunesConnect / AppStore Connect

In the old version of the Xcode Simulator (Xcode 8), you could press Command + 1, and it would show the simulator to be it's maximum dimensions (100%), even if that involved it expanding past the visible screen space. You could then press Command+S and take a screenshot from any simulator, and use that directly for the app store. (It would be the correct resolution). I did this for iPad Pro 12.9" and iPhone 6s Plus, to quickly fill out my screenshot sections.

Now, in Xcode 9, this no longer works. I have tried all options: manually resizing, setting to 100%, zoom on/off, etc. None of the options allow me to expand the simulator past the visible bounds of my screen. It won't let you drag the corner past the bounds. So when you press COMMAND+S to take the screenshot, it winds up to be lower res than what ItunesConnect needs.

So how can we now take screenshots using the simulator only, and have them be usable for the store with the correct resolution?


In Xcode 9.1, go to Simulator Menu > Debug > Optimize Rendering for Window Scale. disable this option, now the screenshots will be in the right size (resolution).

That's a bug in Xcode 9 (and, I would say, in Xcode 8 as well; the idea that the resolution and size of a screen shot would depend on how you displayed the simulator window was always just plain wrong).

Update to Xcode 9.1. In Xcode 9.1, Command-S always gets the resolution (and size) right for the device represented by the simulator window.

For example, if I say Command-S on the iPad Pro 9.7-inch simulator window in Xcode 9.1, no matter how big the window is, I get a screen shot that is 1536×2048. Well, that's the correct size for a screen shot to be submitted to the App Store. Nothing else needs to be done.

Here is a temporary workaround that allows expanding your device simulator window to the desired maximum size in both Xcode 9.0 and Xcode 9.1.

  1. Run the simulator.
  2. Go to Window --> Show Device Bezels. (should be enabled).
  3. Grab one of the top bezels (left or right), and drag straight up repeatedly, until the simulator window gets to your desired maximum supported resolution for the screenshot you are trying to take. For the iPad Pro 12.9" resolution I needed, this is: 2048 x 2732, and I am now able to produce these 6MB screenshots.

NOTE: That after a certain point, no matter what size you expand to, you will not get a higher resolution than that device supports. This is to be expected. You just get a zoomed in version of the simulator (which is also useful)

I just want to add one thing with XCode 9. You need to use Command + S instead of Command + Shift + 4, spacebar then left click to get the right sized screenshot after you disable "Menu > Debug > Optimize Rendering for Window Scale". Screenshots will be saved on the desktop.

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