How can I bring a view in front of another view, in Swift?

Below are how my views are organized in IB, top->bottom when the app is started.

The user can do something to make "Category Table View Header" temporarily expand over "Name View" - however once doing so, the .TouchDown action assigned to "Category Table View Header" no longer works wherever it overlaps with "Name View" (i.e., the user can tap the header anywhere it doesn't overlap with name view and it still works).

I know that may be confusing, so I drew out some boxes. On the left is the original, right is after user action - problem is on the right the action on the red box only works if the user taps the bottom half, not the top half.

My guess is its because the header is lower in the view hierarchy than the name view, but it would be hard for me to change that without messing around with a bunch of constraints.

I also tried setting nameView.hidden = true, but that doesn't work.


If you want to bring a subview to the front, you can use:




self.view.bringSubview(toFront: yourView)

Send view to back:-




self.view.sendSubview(toBack: yourView)

You can take a control over the order of subviews using methods: bringSubviewToFront and sendSubviewToBack from the superview.

You can access all the subviews contained by superview using self.view.subview array.

In Swift 5

To bring a subview to front


To send a subview to back


The method has been updated since swift 3

What has worked for me and hopefully for you is using :

YourView.bringSubview(toFront: yourelementA)
YourView.bringSubview(toFront: yourelementB)

Alternatively you could use the following to send the object that is in the front:

YourView.sendSubview(toBack: yourelementC)

I hope this helps

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