Datepicker Support in IE11 and Firefox

What is wrong with this simple HTML page that a date picker is not shown in FireFox 30.0 and IE 11?

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Untitled Page</title>
            <label> Date field:</label><br />
            <input type="date" value="" />


Internet Explorer 11 does not currently support <input type='date'>, though we did recently announce that work was underway to do so. You can track that progress online at

Firefox also does not appear to support the attribute presently. A bug was opened in 2012 requesting that support be added, but a patch has not yet landed.

If you need this functionality today, I would encourage you to use jQuery's Datepicker.

Feb 2019 Update:

Edge supports the datepicker, but after 4+ years, it looks like IE never will. Same with Safari desktop (though Safari mobile supports it). See: CanIUse datepicker support.

Chrome and Edge take the date format from the user's desktop system settings, which may be surprising if you're expecting ISO 8601 and your users don't live in Denmark or Canada.

JQuery's datepicker works with bootstrap 4 only if you use the REGULAR JQuery distribution. the Bootstrap 4 docs show the SLIM version, which tripped me up for a bit.

Other alternatives:

  • uxsolutions bootstrap-datepicker "A datepicker for Bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of, improvements by eternicode" has a lot of stars on github and seems to work with bootstrap 4.
  • Some friends recommended the eyecon Datepicker for Bootstrap which I guess is the original that uxsolutions is forked from.
  • Pickaday is pretty popular, though the JS Deliver CDN currently lacks an integrity hashcode and there's no pre-built download - you have to build with node or something.

It is already in Firefox since version 51 (January 26, 2017), but it is not activated by default (yet)

To activate it:


dom.forms.datetime -> set to true

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