Printing a hidden iFrame in IE

This solution works fine in Firefox 3.0+, but IE8/7 is just printing the entire page, not the specific iframe.

This is the function that gets called when the print link is clicked:

var printfunc= function(){
  var url = http://someurl.aspx;
  //This iFrame has style="visibility: hidden; position: absolute; left: -9000px;"
  var printIFrame = GetObj('PrintIFrame');
  printIFrame.src = url;

The aspx that gets loaded into the hidden iframe calls the print function on the onload event handler:

<body onload="PrintJS.Print();">

The Print function:

 this.Print = function(){
      return false;

I've also tried this with "window" instead of "self". Both solutions work fine in FF but IE doesn't seem to get the scoping right. Any thoughts? A cross-browser solution would be great! Also, I'd rather use CSS print styles, but the content that I'm printing is different than that on the page, hence the need to load html into a hidden iframe.


Solution: In IE, an iframe with visibility: hidden; causes the browser to print the parent. Changing the styles to height:0px; width: 0px; fixes this issue.

Parent Document:

<!doctype html>
        function printIframe(iframe_id) { 

            if (navigator.appName.toUpperCase() == 'MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER') { 
            } else { 
        <a href="javascript:printIframe('printMe');">Print the iframe.</a> 
        <iframe id="printMe" src="iframe.html"></iframe>

iframe document:

<!doctype html>
        <p>Print this.</p>

From the below link:

Try document.parentWindow.print(); instead of self.print()...

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