Jest: How to test for object keys and properties

I have a mapModule where I import components and export them:

import ComponentName from '../components/ComponentName';

export default {
  name: ComponentName,

How can I test it that mapModule has the correct exported keys, values and that they are not null or undefined?


In version 23.3.0 of jest,


expects a string.


const expected = { name:'component name' }
const actual = { name: 'component name', type: 'form' }

result is passing test

you can use one of those:

toEqual and toMatch are template matchers for objects:

let Obj = {name: 'component name', id: 2};
expect(oneObj).toEqual({name: 'component name'}) // false, should be exactly equal all Obj keys and values  
expect(oneObj).toMatchObject({name: 'component name'}) // true

or easly use toHaveProperty :

let Obj = {name: 'component name'};
expect(oneObj).toHaveProperty('name') // true
expect(oneObj).toHaveProperty('name', 'component name') // true

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