What are all of the Maven Command Line Options?

I'm looking for the list of options for Maven 2.2 but cannot find it. If someone knows the location please post it. Thank you.

I found the following but I don't know enough of Maven to know which are and are not in 2.2. Version Maven 3.3.3 CLI Options Reference


Found this page today. Maven CLI Options Reference.

Text version to make it easy to copy/paste Maven CLI Options Reference

Options >> Description

-am,--also-make >> If project list is specified, also build projects required by the list
-amd,--also-make-dependents >> If project list is specified, also build projects that depend on projects on the list
-B,--batch-mode >> Run in non-interactive (batch) mode
-C,--strict-checksums >> Fail the build if checksums don't match
-c,--lax-checksums >> Warn if checksums don't match
-cpu,--check-plugin-updates >> Ineffective, only kept for backward compatibility
-D,--define <arg> >> Define a system property
-e,--errors >> Produce execution error messages
-emp,--encrypt-master-password <arg> >> Encrypt master security password
-ep,--encrypt-password <arg> >> Encrypt server password
-f,--file <arg> >> Force the use of an alternate POM file (or directory with pom.xml).
-fae,--fail-at-end >> Only fail the build afterwards; allow all non-impacted builds to continue
-ff,--fail-fast >> Stop at first failure in reactorized builds
-fn,--fail-never >> NEVER fail the build, regardless of project result
-gs,--global-settings <arg> >> Alternate path for the global settings file
-h,--help >> Display help information
-l,--log-file <arg> >> Log file to where all build output will go.
-llr,--legacy-local-repository >> Use Maven 2 Legacy Local Repository behaviour, ie no use of _maven.repositories. Can also be activated by using -Dmaven.legacyLocalRepo=true
-N,--non-recursive >> Do not recurse into sub-projects
-npr,--no-plugin-registry >> Ineffective, only kept for backward compatibility
-npu,--no-plugin-updates >> Ineffective, only kept for backward compatibility
-nsu,--no-snapshot-updates >> Suppress SNAPSHOT updates
-o,--offline >> Work offline
-P,--activate-profiles <arg> >> Comma-delimited list of profiles to activate
-pl,--projects <arg> >> Comma-delimited list of specified reactor projects to build instead of all projects. A project can be specified by [groupId]:artifactId or by its relative path.
-q,--quiet >> Quiet output - only show errors
-rf,--resume-from <arg> >> Resume reactor from specified project
-s,--settings <arg> >> Alternate path for the user settings file
-T,--threads <arg> >> Thread count, for instance 2.0C where C is core multiplied
-t,--toolchains <arg> >> Alternate path for the user toolchains file
-U,--update-snapshots >> Forces a check for updated releases and snapshots on remote repositories
-up,--update-plugins >> Ineffective, only kept for backward compatibility
-V,--show-version >> Display version information WITHOUT stopping build
-v,--version >> Display version information
-X,--debug >> Produce execution debug output

If you want to skip tests you can add the following to the command line.


compiles the tests, but skips running them


skips compiling the tests and does not run them

Source maven clean install

If you have added the maven home path to the "PATH" environment variable, you can type in a terminal / cmd

mvn --help

If not, first add the maven bin path to the "PATH" variable:


Go to System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment variables 

and there add the maven bin directory path at the end of the PATH variable.


export PATH=/your_path/apache-maven-VERSION/bin:$PATH

Warning: Add the maven path to the PATH environment variable, don't replace the actual content of the PATH variable

Take a look to: https://maven.apache.org/guides/getting-started/maven-in-five-minutes.html

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