Android Studio Logcat colors best practice

It is really hard to follow up Android logcat output all in a same color. is there any best practice for changing different logs color?


I know that using solid black color logcat in Android Studio is awful!!!

Here is my best practice colour codes that you can use for changing the face of you logcat in Android Studio to make it more useful.

Go to Android Studio Preferences and search for logcat and 'Save As' your own scheme:

Assert: 9C27B0

Debug: 2196F3

Error: F44336

Info: 4CAF50

Warning: FFC107

All colors are picked carefully from google Material Design palette and can help you with more readability in both Default and Darcula theme:

sharing is caring :)

You can download this files filesCustomAndroid and copy in

Mac: /Users/.../Library/Preferences/AndroidStudioXX.XX/ Windows: C:\Users....AndroidStudioXX.XX\config\

Then go to logcat in settings and choose the file.

In addition to @Monsen Mirhoseine's answer, I exported his scheme to easier import. You can do it by downloading this file, and then selecting to avoid typing every color.


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