How/Where to define an App ID Prefixes in Xcode?

I am a beginner of iOS developer, I am trying to define "Bundle Seed ID" (App ID Prefix) for my App.

How/Where to define "Bundle Seed ID" (App ID Prefix)" in Xcode?

Please provide the step in details.


I thought App ID should be defined in Member Center.

Here's the link to create a new App ID

In this page, you can see "App ID Prefix", that is associated with your team.

Hope this helps!

Here is the link

Your App ID Prefix is the same as your Team ID.

You can also use this link to see it directly:

Here is the link

Your App ID Prefix is the same as your Team ID.

For Apps created after 2011 your App ID Prefix is your Team ID. However, for apps created during 2011 or before, it is possible to have different App ID Prefixes. To get a definitive answer go to, click on your App ID and under Name you will see "Prefix" which will show the actual value of your App ID Prefix, whether it is the same as your Team ID or not.

Be sure to check this before setting up associated domains for universal linking, shared web credentials, handoff, etc.

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