Android emulator - Don't save state by default

In the latest update for Android studio, the emulator has started saving snapshots of the current state of the device by default and going back to that snapshot when reopened, which is not the behavior that I want. How can I disable that and go back to the previous behavior, where it just closes and resets the emulator?

UI after hitting the X button to close

Android Studio 3.0.1, with Emulator version 27.0.2 and HAXM 6.2.1


disable that and go back to the previous behavior

Unselect quick boot as shown below

This is default behaviour from update of Android Studio 3.0

Please unselect quick boot if you don't want to save state and select cold boot

Check quick boot emulator in details


1> Choose device like phone - pixel 2

2> select your system image

3> Verify configuration - show advance setting - emulator performance check cold boot to disable

4> Finish


you can also change it from

Emulator --> More --> Settings --> Change quick-boot state --> Save

Updated thanks to @James KO Steps are very similar:

... (on the right panel) -> Snapshots tap -> Settings (top tab on detail view) -> Auto-save current state to Quickboot dropdown

end update

In the latest version of the Android Studio (I am running 3.1.2), it is no longer in the AVD Manager settings. I found it under Extended Controls on emulator itself.

  1. Start emulator
  2. Click three dots (...) on emulator panel
  3. Go to Settings -> General, towards the bottom "Save quick-boot state on exit for AVD:"

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