Grooveshark code

Does anyone know what is coded in? I mean PHP, rails, flash........?


Grooveshark developer here. Grooveshark's backend is PHP 5.6, and the front end is a mixture of a ton of Javascript and a small flash shim that handles playback, https communications and a few other one-off things that were just easier to make work in flash than javascript.

This post might be helpful: The Tech Behind the New Grooveshark

By digging through the source it looks like PHP (PHP/5.2.14) and a TON of Javascript.

Per WikiPedia:

Grooveshark is a rich Internet application that was first written in ActionScript using the Adobe Flex framework that ran in Adobe Flash. In December 2010, Grooveshark introduced a redesign of the site that features an interface rewritten to use HTML5, which makes the interface perform faster.

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