Disable pinch zoom in WebView?

I'm building an app that displays some content in a WebView. I'm styling this content to fit the screen and no zooming is needed. Is there a way do turn off the zooming features of a WebView?



Is what you want. with setBuiltInZoomControls it won't disable multitouch zooming but this does. Although its worth noting that depending on the device zooming may be disabled by default. I have an app with a WebView in it and on my HTC g2 it doesn't allow me to zoom at all. But the exact same code will allow zooming on Galaxy Tablet.

You can try setBuiltInZoomControls(false) on the WebSettings. I would expect that would control all forms of zoom, including multitouch.

However, please bear in mind:

  • there is more than one screen size in Android, and what fits on a QVGA 2.8" screen and what fits on a 10" tablet will not be the same

  • users might need to zoom for other reasons, such as poor eyesight

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