Objective-C (cocoa) equivalent to python's endswith/beginswith

Python has string.startswith() and string.endswith() functions which are pretty useful. What NSString methods can I use to have the same function?


Use -hasPrefix: and -hasSuffix::

NSString *s = @"foobar";
NSLog(@"%d %d\n", [s hasPrefix:@"foo"], [s hasSuffix:@"bar"]);
// Output: "1 1"

You want the hasPrefix and hasSuffix messages.

I tend to also use the compare:options: message pretty regularly to achieve the same but with case-insensitive comparison.

-hasPrefix() and -hasSuffix() return YES or NO depending on whether the receiver begins or ends with the given substring. If that's what startswith() and endswith() do, then that's your answer.

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