Get the attribute value of each element from a jQuery set, into an array

How can I get all attributes (e.g. href) of all elements matching a jQuery selector?


Something like this perhaps?

var ids = [];

$('.myClass').each(function () {
  ids.push($(this).attr('id')); // ids.push( would work as well.

Something like

var idArray = $(".someClass").map(function(){

Working demo

One-liner with ES6 arrow functions, using jQuery .map():

const ids = $('a.someClass').map((i, el) => el.getAttribute('href')).get();

<script src=""></script>
<a href="test1" class="someClass">t1</a>
<a href="test2" class="someClass">t2</a>
<a href="test3" class="someClass">t3</a>

More simple solution with Underscore.js

For example: Get all links text who's parents have class someClass

_.pluck($('.someClass').find('a'), 'text');

Working fiddle

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