Django Celery: Admin interface showing zero tasks/workers

I've setup Celery with Django ORM as back-end. Trying to monitor what's going on behind the scene.

  • I've started celeryd with -E flag python celeryd -E -l INFO -v 1 -f /path/to/celeryd.log

  • Started celerycam with default snapshot frequency of 1 second.python celerycam

I can see the tasks being executed(in the celery log) and results being stored(data models periodically being changed by those tasks). However the Task/Worker pages in Django admin panel showing zero items. Same thing happens when I start celeryev(shows o events/tasks/workers).

Is there any additional configuration settings need to be changed to achieve monitoring?

My software stack: Django 1.1, Celery 2.2.4, Python 2.4


The event snapshots doesn't currently work with the Django ORM transport.

I don't know if this will be helpful, but did you try running ./ celerycam, it will capture the data into the database every 1 seconds thus you will be able to see online workers and tasks in the django admin interface.

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