How do you uninstall the OSX documentation in XCode 4?

I have installed the iOS documentation in XCode 4, but I don't want the OSX documentation. Is it possible to remove it or choose not to install it?

On machine I keep hitting cancel to the install dialog that pops up randomly for the OSX docs but this is annoying. On my other machine I did install the OSX documentation but I really want to uninstall it as it just clogs up the documentation browser with mostly duplicated information.



You can easily hide the OS X doc sets from the documentation browser without uninstalling them. In the Xcode 4 documentation browser, click the little arrow next to the magnifying glass in the search box and select Show Find Options. Then deselect from the Doc Sets popup all the items you are not interested in (namely, Mac OS X 10.6 Core Library).

You can uninstall documentation by simply dragging it to the trash in the Finder. It's located in this folder:

iPhone: /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Documentation/DocSets Mac OS: /Developer/Documentation/DocSets

I wanted to do this to free up disk space on a small laptop HD.

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