Java: possible to line break in a properties file?

Is it possible to continue a long string on the next line in a Java properties file?

e.g., somehow


and when I get getProperty("myStr") it will return with "Hello World"?


A backslash at the end of a line lets you break across multiple lines, and whitespace that starts a line is ignored:

myStr = Hello \

The Java docs put it this way:

A logical line holds all the data of a key-element pair, which may be spread out across several adjacent natural lines by escaping the line terminator sequence with a backslash character \.

myStr = Hello \

The backslash tells the application to continue reading the value onto the next line. ^^

You need to use \n\ as a solution.

First two symbols \n - new line for string, third \ - nulti-line in properties file.

For example (in

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